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Two Free Spring Roll
Free Two Free Spring Roll on orders greater than $50.00
Two Free Can Coke
Free Two Free Can Coke on orders greater than $100.00
Free General Tso's Chicken (Large)
Free General Tso's Chicken (Large) on orders greater than $200.00

"China Cafe is simply the best Chinese food take out in our area. It is fresh, well prepared and ready quickly. I have yet to sample anything that wasn't good. From very tender steamed pork dumplings, to hot & sour soup to my favorite shrimp in garlic sauce, everything is wonderful!"

John D.


"This place has great Chinese Food; and the cooks are super-generous in their servings. You get a lot of food for a great price. The Staff is friendly. I highly recommend this place."

Jonathan H.


"Best Chinese food in the area, Nina is very kind and accommodating (she will make our food with Gluten Free soy sauce). The food is always on point and ready for me when I arrive. I would recommend this place for takeout to anyone in the area, but this is not a sit down restaurant. They have a few seats, but your best bet is getting it to go."

Sean H.

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